Saturday, December 30, 2006

First modification complete!

Hi all! I hope the holidays were wonderful for everyone! I didn't get as much knitting done as I'd like (although I don' t have to be back at work until Tuesday, so there's still time!), but I did finally get to the eyelet portion of the jacket's back. In this pic, the orange stitch marker indicates where I would have stopped decreasing the seed stitch and started the eyelet column, had I been following the directions for the 41 1/2 bust size. Instead, I kept on decreasing the seed stitch, continuing in pattern, until I was down to five stitches between the markers, then started the eyelet column. This keeps my size looking more like the Interweave pics (complete seed stitch triangles), more accurately follows my measurements, and added 2 3/4 inches of pre-blocked length to the back. I'm planning to add back those additional eight stitches I decreased in the bust increases. My copy of the pattern is turning into a rainbow of highlighted modifications!

The "Barn Red" KnitPicks Andean Silk isn't quite as bright red as this pic seems, but in terms of a yarn substitution, I'm very happy so far. I can't wait to finish the back so I can block it!

On the technical front, has anyone switched to the "new" Blogger (since they're supposedly out of beta), either before joining this "old" blog, or afterwards? One of the members is attempting to join by following the link in the invitation, but it's not letting her sign in under her Google/new Blogger account. My personal blog is through Typepad, so I don't have much experience through Blogger...if anyone has any suggestions, definitely let me know! Thanks!!!


Blogger Lori said...

Hi, yours looks so good.

I am hopelessly stuck on the gauge. I got Cascade 220, and have tried both the gauges they ask for, for the st stitch I got gauge on a 4 needle, then for the pattern I got gauge on the 3, yikes. Is this right?

Do you have any advice? should I try a smaller yarn and bigger needles?

as to the blog, I got a blog yesterday and then switched over to beta. It involves signing in on google, but they have some other options. I have not figured out how to get a photo on each posting yet, any advice please email me - do you have to go to the page template to add a photo? It seems to pick up the photo but no pic.

12:13 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing your modifications, I haven't had time to sit and analyze yet and sure appreciate your generosity...the "Swatch" is gorgeous

1:58 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

I have not changed over from old blogger, will we have to? I just figured this out? My mind can't handle all the knitting AND the computer antics

3:21 PM  

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