Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And we've switched...

Hello all! I disovered this morning that this blog has been, um, forcibly switched over to the new Blogger. I wasn't given the option to stay with old Blogger, unfortunately. If I understand this correctly, you will not be able to post to this blog until you also change to the new Blogger (although if I'm incorrect, please do correct me in the comments). I think Stef has already run into this problem. :-(

If you are definitely adverse to switching over at this time, feel free to e-mail me your post, and I'll post it under my name, but signed by you.

Any other comments/suggestions are always welcome.

(Oh, and on a Jacket note...I've slowed down somewhat due to a hectic personal life, but I've started the right front, and intend to do a sleeve after that, to see if my alteration calculations will work out. I figure I can baste it together and try it on!)



Blogger Lia said...

My experience has been that if you joined a team blog that is on old blogger when you were on old blogger, then you can join and post. If you switch to new blogger, you can post to all team blogs to which you belong, regardless of whether they are on new blogger or old blogger. However, if you are on new blogger, you cannot accept an invite to join a team blog that is still on old blogger.

All I can say is that as a computer validation and software testing consultant, this is the most screwed up implementation I have ever seen!!

12:47 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

I think we just have to go witht he flow.....

9:34 PM  

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