Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Operational issues

Hi all! I'm so excited to see the pics of people's progress! So many gorgeous Jackets in such a wide spectrum of yarn and colors! I, um, don't have any pics of my progress since I haven't made much, BUT I did bring everything with me to work today so I could work on it at lunch.

I created a button for the KAL which you are more than welcome to use (save to your own server please), or if you create one, feel free to send it to me and I'll put it on the sidebar.

I've sent out invites to everyone I've gotten an e-mail request from, so if you haven't received your invite, please e-mail me at kamcneil(AT)juno(DOT)com and let me know, I'll resend it.

If I don't have your blog address (if applicable), I've just made your sidebar link to the KAL address, let me know if you have a blog you'd like your name linked to.

It looks like there are still some issues between "old Blogger" and the "new Blogger" which is tied to Google. I did a test by sending an invite to myself at my Gmail/Google e-mail address, and the link worked fine and I was able to accept the invitation. If you're having a problem in that area, and I sent your invite to an address other than the Google/Gmail one, please let me know and I'll resend to your Gmail address. I think that works because you have to already be signed in to receive the invite, so it allows you to accept the invite without signing in again. I really do want everyone to be able to post and participate, so let me know if you continue to have problems!!!

Finally, maybe I'm reading it wrong, but it looks like Blogger may eventually be automatically upgrading everyone to the new Blogger, so that may take care of all the issues altogether.

Happy knitting, all!


Anonymous Pat Kirtland said...

This is what I sent to another group, a design group and was referred to your blog.

This is a beautiful design accept for the short sleeves that would me
flattering on an ample that is somewhat squat hourglass shape. Going into
this project I knew I wanted to make longer sleeves and after seeing that
the top of the sleeve at the armhole only measured 13" was going to take a
major redo! My upper arm measures 18".

I dithered awhile as there seemed to be lots of designs calling my name but
I kept coming back to this design, I think because of the shaping. So this
weekend I cast on for the back and am about 2 1/2 balls into the
project....big utoh!

When you look at the design on the front of the magazine what you see are
lots of vertical lines, great for us wide short people. And this nice little
arch area where the shaping takes place, kind of like a dart that draws eyes
into what might be construed as a waist.

I needed a size close to the largest size, so cast on the stitches and
started knitting, not really "thinking" or reading ahead enough to
understand how this sweater was made larger. It was made larger by adding
all the stitches inside the arch area. Again knitting, not thinking about
the knitting about 4" into the knitting I noticed this area was considerably
shorter than the rest of the will block out so I kept
knitting. At 5 1/2 " into the project the light bulb finally started
flashing! The cable sections were a good inch longer than the seed stitch
area, and there is no way in the next 2 decrease rows that this arch is
going to come together at the top, so what were they going to do design

Turns out, no nice little arch for me that is going to function like a dart!
Instead on each side of the 5 stitch pattern on top of the arch on the
original sweater I am going to have 12 stitches of seed stitch....not
vertical line in this look. A good portion of the back was going to be seed
stitch, certainly not the look I saw when I looked at the sweater. What a
disappointment. And with the amount of draw in the seed stitch section
compared to the cable section, just don't see how this could possibly block
out, at rate I am going it would be at least 4" shorted in the seed stitch

I still think I want this sweater, however it is going to take a major
overhaul to "look" similar to the photo. Am going to play around with some
measurements on the piece I have knit....have decided not to rip it out
right now and use it as a visual while rewriting the pattern. As soon as I
finish reworking my church's web site....a volunteer job that I didn't know
what I was getting into the next day or so, will get a dialog
page up on my web site with photos of the problem and how I am going to
resolve them.

Would be interested in anyone comments who are working on this sweater.

I don't blog but will be adding a page of commentary to my web page when time permits.
Pat Kirtland
Yarn Barn, 5077 Andersonville Rd, Dillwyn, VA. 23936
1.800.850.6008 or 1.434.983.1965

9:33 AM  

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