Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yarn hunting

Hi all, I've been working on other projects and swaps so haven't started yet. I wanted to use a cotton blend so ordered some Classic Elite Four Seasons cotton/wool but am disappointed with it. Hate to pay to ship it back but I have to LOVE the yarn I work with.

So I'm going to exchange it for some Berrocco "Love It" cotton blend. I saw some at the LYS and it looks lovely. Wish me luck in picking a color I will fall in love with. Shopping on the web is a bit risky, especially when picking colors, but that's the only way I can get what I want (usually).

Congratulations to all the progress I see on this blog. Keep up the good work! Jana


Blogger Cheryl said...

Hi Jana
I have decided I am not happy with my yarn either...I have been debating using a free day and purchasing the merino called for or a KP substitute

2:43 PM  

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